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June 2018

June 2018


Paradise for Pets is ready for all the fun and adventure that Summer will bring us this year!  The vacation season has officially started for us and we are already filling up quick for Independence Day. Now would be a wonderful time to try out our new Reservation form. The new form is a little different but will make things a bit easier for everyone. New customers please pop your email address in the space provided and hit enter, you will be directed to fill out your information. For returning customers, Step One is to enter your email address. If you have never given us an email address but have boarded before, try your first and last name @paradise4pets.com (example, JaneSmith@paradise4pets.com) Step Two, Select your service. Either Daycare or Boarding (Grooming will be added later this summer). Choose the correct weight for your pet. Step Three, Check the appropriate box for the pet(s) that will be coming in. Step Four, Click on your preferred Drop-off date and then your Pick-up date. Step Five, Click on Book Dates. You will see a rough cost estimate for your visit and be able to edit the dates on the following page. Your request will appear in our software and we will approve it shortly!

Canine Influenza is rearing its head on the East Coast again this year. We are still not requiring the vaccine for either strain but would encourage every dog owner to speak with their veterinarian about preventative treatments. Here are two articles that show where the virus is popping up and what you can do about it, https://www.dogflu.com/outbreak-map  and NYTimes .

With all the recent rain in the area we have contracted the Mosquito Squad to treat our yards for ticks and mosquitos monthly through October. Their treatment is safe for pets and humans, but it does require all our guests to stay inside while it is applied and drying. The entire process takes about 1 hour, if you have any questions or are interested in having your home treated please speak with Jonathan.

Summer boarding rate will start July 1st and be an additional $2/day. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

Paradise for Pets



In Like a Rottweiler and Out Like Doodle or let’s hope!

Spring is so close we can almost taste it! We survived the windstorm on March 2 with out having any major damages and we hope you did too.  We can’t wait for the warmer weather to settle in and make itself comfortable. That also means it is time to start up your pet’s Flea and Tick treatments (if you took a break for the cooler months).

If you have been in the office, you might have noticed that our work on the computer is taking just a bit longer. Paradise has converted to a new, cloud based, software system for managing our services and resources.  The staff has been learning it for the last 3 months, but it is still a major adjustment after 12 years on the old system. We thank you for your patience and think you will be happy with some of the perks it can offer you.  Soon, we will have a direct portal for you to make reservations and update information through our website. During busier days we will have a dedicated check-in line and a separate line for departing guests. This will hopefully alleviate the crush of people in the office during holidays and summer weekends and have you on your way quicker!

As Passover and Easter approach, we want to update you on our closings, April 1st (Easter and the 2nd day of Passover) we will just be open 9-11am and we will be closed for Daycare and Boarding Check-in/Check out on April 6th.

The weather outside is frightful, but the love of a dog is beautiful!

This winter has been a little tough for us here at Paradise for Pets, frigid temperatures and winter precipitation are not ideal for our guests. So whenever  we get a break in the weather we make sure to jump on the opportunity!  How are you and your pets getting through this Winter?

Plan to stop by on Valentine’s Day, Wed the 14th, and get a gift for your pet!



This Halloween the Paradise for Pets Staff will have Treat Bags for any dogs who come by the office! Feel free to stop in for a tour, daycare, or just to pick up some treats!

We will also be having a Costume contest on our Facebook Page, the prize will be one free day of Boarding!

We have added a few pictures of our latest litter on the Breeding section of our site, there are still 4 males and 1 female pup looking for a forever home!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Crisp Nights, Holy Days and Puppy Kisses

Fall is finally here, our guests and staff are loving the cooler weather!

For the first time in over 3 years… We have Golden Retriever puppies!  We have 5 males and one sweet girl still looking for families. These Golden Retrievers have passed all of their pre-breeding genetic test and screens, and are AKC registered. Please email us at Paradise4Pets@gmail.com to schedule a time to visit them.

Paradise for Pets will be keeping our expanded Sunday hours of 9-11 am and 5-7 pm. Our boarding rates have dropped, just like the temperatures.  Now is the perfect time to plan a quick getaway. Your pup will get even more time outside and you will save a bit of cash!

We are hiring, Paradise is in need of one more part-time staff member? Do you love animals and working outside? If so this might be the job for you. Please send your resume and contact information to Paradise4Pets@gmail.com


Our upcoming Holy Day closings are Sept 21st and 22nd, Oct 5th and 12th, We will have limited hours 10/6 & 13 (9-11 am and 5-7 pm).

If you have ever wondered what happens when we are closed for religious observances, you are not alone!

The answer is the same things that happen everyday, minus the customers. Our guests still get breakfast, treats and dinner. They still get to play outside and enjoy each other’s company. Our staff is still here supervising the pets, cleaning up and maintaining our facility. We just don’t answer the phones or conduct business of any kind. All of our plans for emergencies are still in place.  We appreciate your business and understanding!

Summer is just around the Bend

School is out (almost) and the heat and humidity have settled on the DMV. Have no fear though, we are ready for all of our summer season guests. Our misting system is charged and ready to go, the shade screens are up, and the staff is primed to provide quality care.

Summer rates will go into effect June 22nd and we will just be open 8-11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4th.

Now for the Big News… Check out our 1st video tour!


May is here, which means Summer is near!

The rains have come and brought its flowers, green leaves and grass with it! Hopefully the milder temperatures will stick around for a bit this year. We will be getting our sunshades set up shortly and have already started prepping the shower systems to handle the warmer days ahead. Now might be the time to reserve your pet’s spot with us for a summer getaway.

Our office will have a limited hours on May 29th, Memorial Day, of 9-10 am and 6-7 pm. May 31st we will be closed for a religious Holiday and on June 1st will have no Daycare with limited (9-10am and 6-7pm) boarding office hours. Starting in June we will be expanding our Sunday hour to 9-11am and 5-7pm to help ease congestion in the office and offer a more convenient experience to our customers.

Be on the look out for our new video tour later this month!

March Updates!

Spring is Finally here, even if the weather can’t make up its mind!

In observance of Passover the office will be closed April 17 and 18 for Daycare. Limited pick-up and drop-off for boarding are available by appointment between 9-10am and 6-7pm on the 18th. We will also be switching our standard food to NutroMax: Grain-free Minichunk in Chicken for the Holiday. The office will be open for regular hours on Easter Sunday (9-10am and 6-7pm).

Thanks for your understanding!

We have begun reseeding a few of our daycare pens with grass to help keep the pets clean, the yards looking nice and cut down on the dust in the drier season ahead. Please come into the office when checking in your pal for daycare so we can get them into the right area.

Our shade covers should be up by mid-April and we will get the misting system running shortly after.

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