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Autumn is Falling

October has flown by and November has decided to hibernate and let winter take over. The winter holidays are quickly approaching.  The leaves went from green and healthy to making the best dog couch possible. Flea and tick treatments are no longer required for visits at Paradise, this will be the case until March. We still think they are a great idea and provide excellent protection from biting bugs and their associated illnesses.

It often comes as an unwelcome surprise to our customers, but we do book up about 15 weeks out of the year. Prince George’s county rates Paradise for pets to 110 dogs and 5 small mammals (cats, rabbits, etc.) for overnight care. We try our absolute best to make sure that we can get as close to that number as possible, while still making sure everyone has a safe, pleasant and fun stay. Unfortunately, we are currently at capacity for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have a waitlist and every year we move guests off the list and into a yard!  This is also why we do not charge a cancellation fee, there is always someone in need that will take your spot. We are at about 70% capacity for the Christmas holiday, so if you need to board your favorite beast, reserve your spot ASAP! You can do that by calling us today at 301-776-6353 or making an online reservation here.

Since Mother Nature has decided to skip right to the colder weather, feel free to dress your pet for the weather! We try to keep our guests out as long as possible, but when it is just too cold and the sun’s not shining, we bring the pups into our indoor kennel. Our kennel is heated to the perfect temperature to keep our guests warm and toasty. They are still with their groups while indoors and have ample space (5.5’x30′) to play to their heart’s content. Or if they prefer to take a snooze, each run has a large bed and a sheepskin rug to make it feel like they are right at home.

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be wondering what feast leftovers you can and cannot give your fluffy friend. Fear not! We have compiled handy list for you. Enjoy the Season!

Sweating in September

Labor Day has passed and summer is officially over. School is back in session, community pools are closing, and the nights are crisp…at least they are supposed to be! It is a week into September, and it hasn’t been below 80° yet! We are doing our best to have our guests out as much as possible, but in this heat and humidity, it’s been difficult. We are hoping that this endless heat wave will fade and that the cool fall days that we all know and love will be here soon. We know the last thing you want to think about is how quickly the holiday season is approaching, but we do recommend that if you already know your plans, you reserve a spot for your furry friend!

And with the coming of Fall, the High Holy Days are approaching a bit faster than usual! We will be closed:

We appreciate and thank you in advance for you understanding! And if you have ever wondered what happens when we are closed for these religious observances, you’re not the only one! During these closings, everything is exactly the same except there are no customers! Our guests still get breakfast, belly rubs, treats, and dinner. They get to play outside with their friends, dig holes, and chase each other. The staff is still here supervising the pets, cleaning up and maintaining our facility, we just don’t answer the phones or conduct business of any kind.

Image result for national service dog month

Did you know that September is National Service Dog Month? September is all about honoring the hardworking pups out there that serve countless people. We’re talking all kinds of service: police dogs, fire dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide and hearing dogs, therapy dogs, seizure alert dogs etc. the list is endless! So, in honor of this month we would like to share some fun facts about service dogs with you!

  • The most common breeds that serve as service dogs are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.
  • Hospitals will frequently use therapy dogs to offer comfort to distressed patients which in turn reduce anxiety and blood pressure.
  • Seizure alert dogs are trained to smell changes in their handlers’ blood, as well as trained to notice warning signs of a possible seizure and know how to alert their handler.
  • It takes about 18-24 months to fully train a service dog.

We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and that this whole ‘sweating in September’ thing ends soon!

Paradise for Pets Staff

The Sunday of Summer

August is almost here, which means summer is almost over. It has been hot and muggy (and just a bit rainy) like every Maryland summer, but this one seems to have blown by at an unusual speed. Before you know it, school will start up again, the leaves will change colors, and we will be longing for when the temperature was above 60°.

We hope that you are enjoying our new reservation system! We are still working out some kinks to make it the most user-friendly it can be. If you ever have questions about it, please give us a call or email us.  You may have noticed a few emails from us regarding missing vaccines, upcoming appointments, birthday wishes etc., and we are still fine-tuning those automated emails. If you receive an email regarding missing or expired vaccines, that does not necessarily mean they are missing or expired. The system sends out the email a month before the vaccine expires, so that if you do have an upcoming appointment, you have enough time to get that vaccine updated and don’t have to worry about it last minute. We have also been sending out birthday wishes to your lovely pets in which the email states your pup gets a free day of doggy daycare on us! No need to make a reservation for it, just show us the email when you drop off and we will apply the birthday coupon.

As summer winds down and you try to fit in one more getaway weekend, make sure to reserve a spot for your pet, as we are filling up fast for the last couple weekends of summer. And as they say, its never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Plan your trips now and reserve your pet’s spot as soon as possible for the upcoming holidays; we fill up faster than you’d think!

Speaking of holidays, the Fall Jewish High Holy Days are a little earlier than usual this year. We will be closed 9/10, 11, 19, 24 and 10/1. We will have limited hours of 9-11am and 5-7pm with no daycare on Sept 25th and Oct 2nd.  As always, thank you for your patience during these observances. Our staff will be here taking care of all our guests just like every other day, but we will not answer the phones, email or check anyone in/out.

It is with a bit of sadness and pride that we are saying goodbye to Sarah, a longtime member of our team. You probably know Sarah for her stylish glasses, office phone on her hip, and a leash over her shoulders.  Sarah had worked with us for almost 2 and half years. Our staff and guests are going to miss having her calm and positive attitude radiating on the grounds.

Our new hire, Nicole, is getting a feel for things around the yards and runs. Make sure to say hi to Nicole and her adorable puppy, Wally.

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the last dog days of summer and enjoy every bit of sunshine you can!

Paradise for Pets

June 2018

June 2018


Paradise for Pets is ready for all the fun and adventure that Summer will bring us this year!  The vacation season has officially started for us and we are already filling up quick for Independence Day. Now would be a wonderful time to try out our new Reservation form. The new form is a little different but will make things a bit easier for everyone. New customers please pop your email address in the space provided and hit enter, you will be directed to fill out your information. For returning customers, Step One is to enter your email address. If you have never given us an email address but have boarded before, try your first and last name @paradise4pets.com (example, JaneSmith@paradise4pets.com) Step Two, Select your service. Either Daycare or Boarding (Grooming will be added later this summer). Choose the correct weight for your pet. Step Three, Check the appropriate box for the pet(s) that will be coming in. Step Four, Click on your preferred Drop-off date and then your Pick-up date. Step Five, Click on Book Dates. You will see a rough cost estimate for your visit and be able to edit the dates on the following page. Your request will appear in our software and we will approve it shortly!

Canine Influenza is rearing its head on the East Coast again this year. We are still not requiring the vaccine for either strain but would encourage every dog owner to speak with their veterinarian about preventative treatments. Here are two articles that show where the virus is popping up and what you can do about it, https://www.dogflu.com/outbreak-map  and NYTimes .

With all the recent rain in the area we have contracted the Mosquito Squad to treat our yards for ticks and mosquitos monthly through October. Their treatment is safe for pets and humans, but it does require all our guests to stay inside while it is applied and drying. The entire process takes about 1 hour, if you have any questions or are interested in having your home treated please speak with Jonathan.

Summer boarding rate will start July 1st and be an additional $2/day. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

Paradise for Pets



In Like a Rottweiler and Out Like Doodle or let’s hope!

Spring is so close we can almost taste it! We survived the windstorm on March 2 with out having any major damages and we hope you did too.  We can’t wait for the warmer weather to settle in and make itself comfortable. That also means it is time to start up your pet’s Flea and Tick treatments (if you took a break for the cooler months).

If you have been in the office, you might have noticed that our work on the computer is taking just a bit longer. Paradise has converted to a new, cloud based, software system for managing our services and resources.  The staff has been learning it for the last 3 months, but it is still a major adjustment after 12 years on the old system. We thank you for your patience and think you will be happy with some of the perks it can offer you.  Soon, we will have a direct portal for you to make reservations and update information through our website. During busier days we will have a dedicated check-in line and a separate line for departing guests. This will hopefully alleviate the crush of people in the office during holidays and summer weekends and have you on your way quicker!

As Passover and Easter approach, we want to update you on our closings, April 1st (Easter and the 2nd day of Passover) we will just be open 9-11am and we will be closed for Daycare and Boarding Check-in/Check out on April 6th.

The weather outside is frightful, but the love of a dog is beautiful!

This winter has been a little tough for us here at Paradise for Pets, frigid temperatures and winter precipitation are not ideal for our guests. So whenever  we get a break in the weather we make sure to jump on the opportunity!  How are you and your pets getting through this Winter?

Plan to stop by on Valentine’s Day, Wed the 14th, and get a gift for your pet!



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