Doggy Daycare


Daycare is offered Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm. Daycare is a wonderful way to have your dog get exercise and socialize with other dogs and new people. Helps separation anxiety and boredom from being crated at home all day. Our experienced staff makes multiple daycare playgroups based on age size and temperament to ensure that your pet gets along with their playmates. We are a crate free facility and promise to give your pup a full day of fun. When weather is too hot, too cold or too stormy we bring the dogs into the climate controlled kennel building to give them a break from the weather but we keep the fun going indoors as there is plenty of space to continue to play. Daycare is $30 per day but we do offer a 10 day package that includes a bath or nail trim for $270.


Daily Rate


10-Day Package

$270 (Includes nail trim or bath)