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Happy New Year, we hope all of your Winter celebrations were wonderful! We stayed very busy this holiday season but wouldn’t want things to work any other way! I just wanted to take a moment to give a public thank you to Juan, Joanna, Laura, Dani, Molly and especially Bri for stepping up and doing such a great job in 2019. I got married in November and would not have been able to give my wife and family all the attention they deserved without the hard work, support and dependability of our Paradise for Pets staff! Thank you, you are all rock-stars!

The weather can’t make up its mind if we are in Winter or Early Spring, but we always get a lot of questions about what happens at P4P when the temperatures dip or snow is threatening.  Essentially, things runs the same as in Summer just reversed. We will keep the dogs inside in the kennel where it is nice and cozy in the early morning until the the day has a chance to warm up, and they will head inside a little earlier than usual when the mercury drops. Our #1 deciding factor is if we can keep the pets water buckets free of ice, after that it comes down to each dog’s comfort level. When snow does fall, it comes in handy that we have two Staff members living on property, a snow plow and a generator on hand if things take a turn for the worse. We will be open our regular hours no matter what the weather throws at the DMV, so no need to worry about who is caring for our guests when snow is falling!

In other news, Paradise for Pets will be integrating a few changes for Daycare and our payment options. The bad news first. After 6 years of  keeping our daycare rate the same, it will be going up to $25/day. This change will go into place in June of 2020.  Paradise for Pets has been blessed to have such an increase in demand for our daycare services, but we have struggled to keep the rate where it was while adding on the additional staff in the evening.  The new rate should stay the same for another 3-5 years.  The good news. We will start offering daycare packages at a discount of 10% with 1 bath included for every 10 days purchased with automated billing.  We will be working with PawLoyalty to add Credit Card storage, pre-payment and recurring billing options starting in March.  Please direct any question you have to me, Jonathan.