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October has flown by and November has decided to hibernate and let winter take over. The winter holidays are quickly approaching.  The leaves went from green and healthy to making the best dog couch possible. Flea and tick treatments are no longer required for visits at Paradise, this will be the case until March. We still think they are a great idea and provide excellent protection from biting bugs and their associated illnesses.

It often comes as an unwelcome surprise to our customers, but we do book up about 15 weeks out of the year. Prince George’s county rates Paradise for pets to 110 dogs and 5 small mammals (cats, rabbits, etc.) for overnight care. We try our absolute best to make sure that we can get as close to that number as possible, while still making sure everyone has a safe, pleasant and fun stay. Unfortunately, we are currently at capacity for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have a waitlist and every year we move guests off the list and into a yard!  This is also why we do not charge a cancellation fee, there is always someone in need that will take your spot. We are at about 70% capacity for the Christmas holiday, so if you need to board your favorite beast, reserve your spot ASAP! You can do that by calling us today at 301-776-6353 or making an online reservation here.

Since Mother Nature has decided to skip right to the colder weather, feel free to dress your pet for the weather! We try to keep our guests out as long as possible, but when it is just too cold and the sun’s not shining, we bring the pups into our indoor kennel. Our kennel is heated to the perfect temperature to keep our guests warm and toasty. They are still with their groups while indoors and have ample space (5.5’x30′) to play to their heart’s content. Or if they prefer to take a snooze, each run has a large bed and a sheepskin rug to make it feel like they are right at home.

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be wondering what feast leftovers you can and cannot give your fluffy friend. Fear not! We have compiled handy list for you. Enjoy the Season!