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Happy Summer, it is finally here!

As our busy season gets underway, we just want to remind our customers that we do consistently fill up from mid-June to Labor Day.  Once your travel is booked it is always a great idea to call us or submit a reservation online.  We have recently added two new members to our Paradise Crew, please welcome Dani and Lexie. They are both avid pet lovers with a lot of unique experiences to bring to your pets’ care. Dani will be a year-round addition and Lexie will be helping us during the busy Summer and Winter Holiday season.  Feel free to introduce yourself to them. We appreciate your patience as we bring them on board and up to speed! You can also say “hi” to: Bri (Assistant Manager), Joanna (Kennel Lead), Juan (Facilities Supervisor), Laura (Kennel Tech), Jonathan (Manager), and David (Owner).

Our sunshades are all installed and have already received a few tune-ups thanks to some of the powerful storms we have had the last few weeks. The misting system is getting a final touch up June 14th but is operating and ready for the warmer weather.

Our daycare dogs are a constant delight and extremely valued customers here at Paradise for Pets. We have had a tremendous amount of growth in attendance the last 8 months and couldn’t be happier about it. We will have to start introducing Capacity Limited daycare days. As temperatures, humidity and the chance of strong thunderstorms soar, so does our volume of guests.  This can create an uncomfortable situation in our indoor facility.  The day before we expect difficult weather, we will be sending our Daycare families an automated text message warning of limited space in Daycare the following day and asking for reservation/call before bringing your pet in. We hate to change our “as you need it” policy on daycare but this is for the safety and comfort of the pets. I only expect to have a handful of days fall into this category each year.  We deeply appreciate your understanding!

We all hope your summer gets off to an amazing start and are excited to have your pets spend some time with us!

Here are some pictures of good boys and girls from the spring season!