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Spring is so close we can almost taste it! We survived the windstorm on March 2 with out having any major damages and we hope you did too.  We can’t wait for the warmer weather to settle in and make itself comfortable. That also means it is time to start up your pet’s Flea and Tick treatments (if you took a break for the cooler months).

If you have been in the office, you might have noticed that our work on the computer is taking just a bit longer. Paradise has converted to a new, cloud based, software system for managing our services and resources.  The staff has been learning it for the last 3 months, but it is still a major adjustment after 12 years on the old system. We thank you for your patience and think you will be happy with some of the perks it can offer you.  Soon, we will have a direct portal for you to make reservations and update information through our website. During busier days we will have a dedicated check-in line and a separate line for departing guests. This will hopefully alleviate the crush of people in the office during holidays and summer weekends and have you on your way quicker!

As Passover and Easter approach, we want to update you on our closings, April 1st (Easter and the 2nd day of Passover) we will just be open 9-11am and we will be closed for Daycare and Boarding Check-in/Check out on April 6th.