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Paradise for Pets is ready for all the fun and adventure that Summer will bring us this year!  The vacation season has officially started for us and we are already filling up quick for Independence Day. Now would be a wonderful time to try out our new Reservation form. The new form is a little different but will make things a bit easier for everyone. New customers please pop your email address in the space provided and hit enter, you will be directed to fill out your information. For returning customers, Step One is to enter your email address. If you have never given us an email address but have boarded before, try your first and last name @paradise4pets.com (example, JaneSmith@paradise4pets.com) Step Two, Select your service. Either Daycare or Boarding (Grooming will be added later this summer). Choose the correct weight for your pet. Step Three, Check the appropriate box for the pet(s) that will be coming in. Step Four, Click on your preferred Drop-off date and then your Pick-up date. Step Five, Click on Book Dates. You will see a rough cost estimate for your visit and be able to edit the dates on the following page. Your request will appear in our software and we will approve it shortly!

Canine Influenza is rearing its head on the East Coast again this year. We are still not requiring the vaccine for either strain but would encourage every dog owner to speak with their veterinarian about preventative treatments. Here are two articles that show where the virus is popping up and what you can do about it, https://www.dogflu.com/outbreak-map  and NYTimes .

With all the recent rain in the area we have contracted the Mosquito Squad to treat our yards for ticks and mosquitos monthly through October. Their treatment is safe for pets and humans, but it does require all our guests to stay inside while it is applied and drying. The entire process takes about 1 hour, if you have any questions or are interested in having your home treated please speak with Jonathan.

Summer boarding rate will start July 1st and be an additional $2/day. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

Paradise for Pets